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advice on a free auto insurance quote

So itís that time of year again or maybe itís a new car and you want to save money on the inevitable cost of auto insurance. Most people will tell you to go online to save money or at the very least save time.

Comparing auto insurance quotes these days has never been easier or faster but there is more to know than just the price or who the quote is coming from. Itís nice now that auto insurance quotes are free and instant but what more do you need to consider when searching for the best price and before you buy?

Itís best to break this down one question at a time and do these before you head to the internet to compare quotes;

First who is the quote coming from, is it a brand name company or someone you havenít heard of before? Most small companies have a much larger insurance company backing them which is good but do a little research to see for sure.

Is there any conditions to the quote, does it expire in a given amount of time, only available online and you canít call in for it later? Believe it or not there are such conditions on your auto insurance quote and you might not find this out until later.

Fine print: does you quote contain any fine print, a little * next to the price maybe, its best to read this because it might have a huge impact on price since the quote might be based on such conditions as a bundle with home owner insurance, a much larger than normal deductible.

The average deductible if you have an accident is $500 but some insurance companies will give you a quote based on a deductible of $1000. This is ok if you donít have any claims or never need it but to most families it a financial burden they may now plan for.

Payments; not everyone want to pay for their insurance on a yearly basis or can afford to, if you prefer to pay for your auto insurance on a monthly basis check the quote on this condition because at time the quote will be higher if you want monthly payments.

We hope this helps outline the quotes process and the conditions surrounding most auto insurance quotes online, we work hard to inform you of changes to the auto insurance industry especially when it comes to the online companies, feel free to email us with and suggestions or concerns you may have!


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