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Understanding Auto Insurance Coverage for Teens

Before you set out online to get auto insurance quotes for your new teen driver we wanted you to consider two options that can not only save you money but determine how you classify you teen and the car they will be driving, let us explain further by asking a simple question.

Is the car specifically for your teen or are they driving the family car?

What difference does it make! Well it makes all the difference in the auto insurance world because having your teenager on your policy to be insured to drive your car is not anywhere near as expensive as having them as the primary driver.

One scenario the teen is classified as an occasional driver on your existing auto insurance policy, you simply pay the difference per year on the existing policy to have the teenager added. Itís certainly more money but a significant reduction from making them the primary driver, so why would you do that?

If you have purchased a car for your son or daughter and it will be their car to drive to school each day, as an example, they are technically the primary driver and are insured to be able to drive the car each day, they cost of this is significantly higher and rightfully so since there are more accidents involving teens than any other age group combined!

The second option to having a car for your teen to drive each day but not to pay the high cost of teen auto insurance is to make yourself the primary driver and the teen the occasional one and thus you just pay the policy difference! It is important to point this out as you have to make a decision on this before you request an auto insurance quote, why? Most insurance companies and most state require the car to be registered in the primary drivers name if they are to be the primary insurer and driver. In other words you canít register a car in your teens name and not make them an occasion driver to save on the cost of auto insurance, most companies wonít allow this, so pick your strategy wisely.

One more things to consider is the coverage of an occasion driver, get the details on your policy before you sign on the dotted line because the definition of an occasion driver will be different from one auto insurance company to the next, most will expect the occasional driver to be a daily driver, so coverage at this point becomes a choice in how often you want or need to have your teen behind the wheel.

We hope you find this information useful and you make the right decision, we know how expensive it can be insuring your son or daughter for the first time and we can help by comparing the top auto insurance companies for you. Contact us with your comments or question today!



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