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Frequently Asked Question About  auto insurance quotes


If youíre looking for auto insurance quotes from the top companies in the USA online without giving away personal information this is what you need to know:


Is it possible to get an auto insurance quote without giving away personal information?

Yes but, you are limited to the coverage and to the rate. Letís explain: You got to an auto insurance companies website and want a quote to see how much it will cost to insure your new car but donít want to give away your personal information. First they will want a general history of your driving record and the basics on your car but and this will give you a general price of what insurance will cost, so you didnít need to give out your phone number or even your name if you didnít want to but what if you want to absolute best price, now they need to get personal! Giving out your driving record and vehicle information is essential of a final price but something you can decide on after youíre comfortable. We should point out that most states have laws in place to protect consumers online and auto insurance companies abide by them religiously!


Is my personal information shared amongst other auto insurance companies?

No, if you are in doubt of what information is shared you can always read the auto insurance companies privacy policy usually located at the bottom of the webpage, it will outline what is shared if anything, usually the privacy policy is created so they may access your personal driving record in the event you wish to move forward with the quote and purchase a policy.


Why does the auto insurance company want to know more about my car?

When you are online looking for an auto insurance quote you will notice some insurance companies asking for your vehicle specifics or even you approval to look up the records on the car, this is optional and if you look at the bottom of the quote form you will see a link to skip it! In the end if you were to purchase an auto insurance policy from the company filling in this information would make it much quicker and the company just wants to see what the back ground is on the car you are looking to insurance, but again its optional and not necessary to get an accurate quote online today.


Why does the insurance company want my driving record or back ground?

Most auto insurance companies are going to need to know what kind of driving record you have and it only makes sense, if you are a good driver you auto insurance rate will be significantly lower that a person that has one or more accidents on their record. For an auto insurance quote however most companies can by-pass this with just a few questions, if you answer no to any claims or driving offenses then you wonít need to share any personal information just to receive the quote, at the time of policy however they will require this information.

If you have any other questions or concerns related to your privacy on this website or with any of our auto insurance affiliates please contact us so we may help!



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